Showcase your best SEO work 

ValidatedSEO creates trust for SEO pros and website owners by verifying and archiving a snapshot of SERP placements - and the people behind the ranking content.

Bringing transparency and trust to the SEO industry

Archive of SEO Achievements

A public snapshot in time of great SERP placements with notes from the contributor along with independent expert analysis of tactics and difficulty level

Device & Location Specific

Verification of search engine result placement from specific locations and with specific device types

Ownership/Role Verification

Using proprietary HTML tags, ValidatedSEO has a unique system for letting users identify their role and involvement with a web page for accurate attribution of type of work performed

Discover What Works

As a public showcase of SEO work, ValidatedSEO surfaces high performing tactics and profiles for white-hat SEO pros

Verify that an SEO Pro  can rank for competitive keywords

Don't blindly trust that an agency or SEO professional knows what they are doing. Ask for a ValidatedSEO report to be sure you are getting the best chance to win in search results.

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Simple Pricing

During the current beta period, a single listing account is free. Please be patient as we're adding features & API integrations, improving UX, while gathering feedback on the service. Free single listing accounts subject to delayed posting, as ValidatedSEO relies on human verification.

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$ 250 yr

Individual Basic
  • 5 ValidatedSEO ranking verifications
  • Human expert verification
  • Snapshots maintained for life of account
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$ 500 yr

Individual Pro
  • 20 ValidatedSEO ranking verifications
  • Human expert verification
  • Snapshots maintained for life of account
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$ 0 yr

Free Single Listing
  • 1 ValidatedSEO ranking verification
  • Human expert verification
  • Snapshot maintained for life of account
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Frequently Asked Questions

ValidatedSEO is a unique service that lets SEO agencies and professionals showcase their talent, while helping buyers of SEO services (and hiring managers) validate the quality of the individuals they are considering.

During a one week period an SEO expert at ValidatedSEO will manually verify rankings using specific device type and location, using a combination of tools and best practices. ValidatedSEO will provide commentary on the difficulty and tactics contributing to the ranking.

SEO Pros and agencies pay an annual fee for their ValidatedSEO account. Each year comes with a certain number of validated rankings. The snapshot and analysis of the rankings will remain for the duration of the account.

ValidatedSEO uses a proprietary verification system using HTML tags to confirm an SEO's role on a website, in addition to a human review of profiles and author bios. Whether you are a blogger, an SEO strategist, a website owner, a technical agency, or some other role, you can associate yourself with content you have helped to rank.


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